Transactions (zipForm Edition)
Google Sheets
  • $10/month
    Free 7 Day Trial
  • Creates real-time spreadsheets of your transactions, participants and events
  • Vital info and contacts backed up
  • Easily create charts and reports
  • Quickly find answers and trends

How frequently does this Sync?

The Sync will start at activation. Depending on the amount of info stored in Transactions, it could take a few hours. Once the Sync is up to date, it will continue to update reflecting all new work and edits as often as every 5 minutes.

What spreadsheets does this Sync create exactly?

The integration will create a spreadsheet in your Google Drive consisting of detailed summaries of your Transactions. You can see all the contacts associated with your Transactions, the financial information, property detail and more.

Is this a Two Way Sync?

Not initially, though if you are interested in creating a custom solution, please reach out.